Even Rarical Fattening?

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What do you understand when someone tells you that you are facing a struggle against the scales? Probably the person is with some excess pounds and needs to lose weight, right?

In today's article we will address one of these remedies that promise to contribute to the weight gain of those who suffer with excessive thinness, the Rarical. Does Rarical fattening it and actually works? Keep reading and find out!

What is? 

Before leaving directly to the question of whether Rarical fattening even, we will make a brief presentation of the supplement for you.

It is a multivitamin and polimineral product for people who have deficiency of vitamins and minerals in your body, associated with anemia, malnutrition, convalescence - Health restoration period that occurs after an illness or health problem - resulting from post -operatively, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Produced by Janssen laboratory, the drug comprises vitamin B complex, A and D, besides the minerals iron and calcium. The product can be sold in packaging also 50 tablets and in oral suspension version, available in a 120 ml flask.

Rarical fattening even as promised? 

It can be argued that even Rarical fattening because the drug acts as an appetite stimulant. However, so that the effect of the substance is truly observed, it is necessary that this hunger more than the consumer feel is actually reversed in an increase in food consumption.

A recommendation to fatten healthy is to keep the frequency of meals every three hours, trying to maintain a balanced diet in relation to the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and carbohydrates. If you experience difficulties when mounting the plates, our recommendation is that you also ask the guidance of a nutritionist.

By respecting this regularity in food, make sure to have a healthy diet and getting increased appetite caused by Rarical, the task of acquiring the extra pounds that were missing will become less difficult and weight gain will be held with health.

Remember that eating high-calorie healthy foods can ease the person to put on weight. Choose foods you like is also important for the process is not a hardship but a pleasure, something more natural.

Side effects

The sale of Rarical must be made exclusively by prescription, so be sure to talk with the professional you trust to realize that you need an appetite stimulant and understand that this remedy may be a good option for your case.

Does your doctor who can give you more details about the side effects of the supplement could specifically affect your body, as each body reacts in a way that substance. However, the list below you can have a basic understanding of what those possible effects:

  • allergic reactions;
  • Nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Cold;
  • heat sensation;
  • Allergic sensitization resulting from prolonged use of vitamin B12.


The use of multivitamin and polimineral Rarical is not recommended for people who have hemochromatosis - a condition characterized by the accumulation of iron in body tissues, especially in regions such as the heart, liver and pancreas.

It is also contraindicated those who suffer with hemosiderosis - a disease caused by too much of the presence of hemosiderin in the body. This pigment is caused by destruction of hemoglobin, and consists of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and iron and is found in large quantities in the body results in a higher iron storage than necessary.

How to take Rarical 

A general guideline is that the Rarical supplement in tablet format is consumed one to three times a day, with the ingestion of a dragée each time. In any case, the wisest attitude to take is to respect the medical indication for the quantity and frequency of substance that must be ingested daily.

In turn, when the patient uses the oral suspension version of the drug, the general recommendation is to be consumed two to three tablespoons of Rarical bottle daily. However, this rate may vary according to user needs and understanding of the physician.

Rarical for children 

The Rarical oral suspension is also indicated for children who suffer from anemia cases, need to meet your rate of vitamins and minerals during the growth phase or suffer from a deficiency of these nutrients.

As with adults, it is necessary that the purpose of the supplement is recommended and that the frequency and daily amount of drug administered to the child respects the guidance of professional.

Average price 

On average, the price of Rarical in his oral suspension format is between approximately R $ 15 and R $ 17. Already the product packaging value with 50 tablets varies between around R $ 30 and R $ 38.

Some doctor prescribed you the Rarical to gain weight? What have you tried to do to gain weight in a healthy way? Comment below!