Matcha Lose weight? What is Benefits, Where to Buy and How to Take


There are several types of tea that are generally related to weight loss. One is the matcha, green tea, originating in Japan and that is found in powder form.

As the matcha lose weight: The presence of catechin

One reason that leads us to say that the matcha lose weight is that, because it is a green tea, it has catechins in its composition, substances that are proven to help with weight loss.

This was shown from a study published in 2005 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in free translation). During the study, we evaluated the effects of the teas that had caffeine and catechin in the composition for slimming.

The result was that men who took green tea with high doses of catechin were able to eliminate more weight than those who took a drink with low amounts of the substance: while the former lost about 2.5 kilograms, the other cut only about 1 3 kg.

Fat Burning

Another study published in 2008 in the same newspaper earlier research showed that taking green tea and matcha slims helping to burn calories during physical exercise.

The researchers found that healthy men who consumed the drink during moderate-intensity training had a 17% increase in fat burning rate.

Low-calorie drink

Consuming matcha in place of other beverages such as cappuccino and chocolate milk can help a lot in reducing the number of calories consumed during the day. While a portion of the beverage has only 3 calories, a cup of cappuccino has 74 calories and a cup of skim milk chocolate has 140.

Reduction in fluid retention

To have a diuretic effect, matcha tea contributes to the reduction of fluid retention in the body, helping in excess of loss and eliminating swelling in parts of the body.

Stimulating metabolism

A study published in 1999 also in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in free translation) found that consumption of green tea helps the metabolism is stimulated and, consequently, that the firing process body fat can happen faster.

satiety feeling

When we feel happy, it's harder to end up giving in to the culinary temptations, and take the matcha tea can contribute towards this. This is because of the antioxidant EGCG (epigallocatechin) that stimulates the release of a hormone called CCK (cholecystokinin), which, in turn, is responsible for forwarding to the brain the information that the stomach is full.

This also contributes to the regulation of sugar levels in the blood in our body.

Other benefits

We already know that drinking matcha tea lose weight, but it also extends its benefits to other areas of the health of the body, such as the fight against cancer, for example. The reason for this is that it contains antioxidants such as EGCG (epigallocatechin), the group of catechins, which acts as an anti-cancer.

This was attested in a study conducted in 2003 at the University of Colorado in the United States, which confirmed that a cup of matcha tea has 137 times more EGCG than other types of green tea.

Who has cholesterol-related problems also can benefit from the matcha tea consumption. Because, according to a survey published in 2011 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in free translation), green teas contribute significantly to the reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body.

The drink also has amounts five times higher than other types of green tea L-theanine, an amino acid that stimulates the activity of alpha waves in the brain that are linked to relaxation, concentration, the stress relief and to decrease the pressure blood.

The tea also contains a high amount of dietary fiber, which help in relieving constipation and stabilize blood sugar levels. For times when a person needs energy and maintain focus and concentration, the drink is a great option to replace the coffee, which when consumed excessively can cause headaches.

Moreover, the use of Matcha tea is also connected to other benefits such as anti-aging, anti inflammation and oxidation.

Side effects

Although considered a safe substance, we need to be careful and not overdo surpassing the recommendations of no more than five cups a day. This is because excessive consumption of green tea can cause some side effects like stomach cramps, insomnia, headaches, irritability, diarrhea and heartburn.

How to take

One of the healthiest ways to take the matcha tea is consuming its organic version, which is not produced artificially and has the addition of accessories such as fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

As the tea is sold in powder form, to prepare it is better to boil some water, wait about five minutes for it to cool and then mix with matcha.

If you choose to add the tea in the water while it is still boiling, the taste of the drink may not be very pleasant. You can also add the Matcha powder in recipes prepared with green tea base as ice cream, cakes, biscuits and yoghurts.

Where to find

You can find the matcha tea in health food stores or on the Internet. A package containing 40 g of tea can be sold for $ 39.90.

Were you familiar with Matcha tea? You know someone who has recommended that drinking matcha really lose weight? Comment below.