11 Benefits of Pequi Oil — For Serving and Tips

pequi oil

People in states in the Midwest region of Brazil and Mato Grosso and Goias, pequi is a typical cerrado fruit. Its size is approximate to that of an apple, its shell has a green color and the fruit still has a soft, yellow edible pulp.

1. Health and appearance of hair

One of pequi oil benefits is that it is used to treat damaged hair. This is because it is believed that the product contributes to the strengthening of the wires, and reduce frizz and promote hydration of the hair.

It also reduces irritation of the scalp, thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, reduces the damage caused due to the exposure of the wires to the sun and eliminate the hair dry aspect.

It is recommended to apply the oil pequi two hours before bathing as a way to promote smoothness and control wires. It is believed that even when mixing the product with shampoo, a continuous hydration is obtained, together with the weakened state combating hair and brittle.

2. Vitamin A Source

The product is further source of vitamin A, a nutrient that helps the immune system in its function of protecting the body against infections, cooperates with the vision when the light is low and participates in the development and maintenance of epithelial tissue.

The vitamin, which is also called retinol by name, is also involved in reproduction and cellular communication. It is part of the composition of a protein called rhodopsin, it absorbs the light through the retinal receptors and differentiation and helps the proper operation of corneal and conjunctival membranes of the eye.

Another important task of the substance is its contribution to the growth and cell differentiation, which is essential for the formation and maintenance of the heart, lungs and kidneys.

3. Antioxidant action

Another one of pequi oil benefits is that it has antioxidant action. In other words, it means that the product can contribute to fighting free radicals found in the body that cause serious diseases like cancer and are associated with the aging process.

4. Source of Vitamin E

The extracted pequi oil is also endowed with vitamin E, a nutrient that besides doing well to hair, has antioxidant and is important for fertility and for the immune system, in view of the strong and fit keeps to combat viruses and bacteria.

It also helps the body to utilize vitamin K, promotes the enlargement of blood vessels, thus avoiding the formation of blood clots and is part of red blood cell formation process.

Not to mention that this vitamin is useful in communication between cells, since it is used as an instrument of interaction between them.

5. Cardiovascular health

The product is good for cardiovascular health because it is composed of fatty acids that contribute to the reduction of high levels of blood cholesterol. It even helps in building walls ed arteries and blood vessels, which contributes to the prevention of heart attacks, strokes and coronary artery disease.

6. anti-inflammatory action

The inflammation-fighting effect is one of the benefits of pequi oil, and it is important as a result of inflammation in the body is the narrowing of blood clots, which is associated with the worsening problems in the heart and can cause complications.

7. Digestive Health

Pequi oil is also composed of fibers. The nutrient is known to improve the digestive system, reduce constipation, cramping, bloating and diarrhea. The fibers also contribute to eliminating the bad cholesterol from the body, in addition to good heart health.

8. Skin Hydration

It is believed that by applying pequi oil on the skin twice every day, you gain one forcinha with regard to hydration and nutrition of the skin.

9. Skin Health

Moreover, there are benefits pequi oil for treating skin infections such as eczema or chronic conditions associated with dry skin. pequi Oil may also contribute towards problems like acne and pimples and help healing.

However, be sure to talk to your dermatologist to make sure that the application of the product is really suitable for your particular case and it will not harm her.

10. Relief of muscle and joint pain

Research has shown that the oil extracted from the pequi can reduce joint pain and muscle aches, as well as offering relief after the completion of a physical training.

11. Massage

The product is also considered a great oil for use in massage sessions. It is aromatic, presented a similar smell the coconut oil, and makes the person feel fresh and energized.

A hint of massage oil recipe is to mix pequi oil with coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and rosemary oil. Then, just to massage or applying the mixture with the aid of a cotton and wash after 20 minutes.

Did you know all these benefits of pequi oil? You begin to consume now he understood what good? Comment below!