Watermelon juice with ginger Lose weight? Benefits and What’s It Good

Watermelon Juice With Ginger

Tasty and refreshing, watermelon is a fruit that has 30 calories per serving of 100 g, has important nutrients for the functioning of the human organism such as carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C.

watermelon juice with ginger thins? 

First, let's talk about a subject that interests rather those who want to wipe away the kilos in excess and / or live waging a struggle against the scales: Will the watermelon juice with ginger thins?

To answer the question, we decided that we will examine each of the main ingredients used in the drink at a time.

The watermelon 

Watermelon can contribute to weight loss by collaborating with the promotion of satiety to the body. In addition to fibers, it has a low caloric density and has a lot of water. A portion of a fruit cup has 0.6 g of fiber and 90% of its composition corresponds to the water.

Thus, watermelon gives a force in time to control appetite and consume fewer calories throughout the day. This is very important for those who struggle to lose weight, because weight loss is necessary to spend a number of higher calories than the caloric amount consumed.

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However, to take advantage of this effect is completely necessary to make sure not to get rid of watermelon fibers during the preparation of juice. For this, you need not strain the drink before taking it.

Another positive aspect of the fruit is that it can improve the recovery of muscles after physical exercise, allowing a faster return to training to burn more calories.

Who pointed out this was a small study published in 2013 in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, free translation). The survey found that the consumption of about 450 ml of watermelon juice an hour before working out helped practitioners to maintain a lower heart rate and feel less muscle pain the next day.

For researchers, this benefit is thanks to the presence of a substance called L-citrulline in the fruit. The compound is converted by the body into an essential amino acid, L-arginine, which works to improve the circulation and relaxation of blood vessels.


Ginger can aid the process of weight loss because it is a thermogenic food. The thermogenic foods increase the body temperature, which results in the acceleration of metabolism, which as we have seen, improves the spent process of fats and calories.

However, one must understand that it is not possible to say that the watermelon juice with ginger thins as in a magic pass. Also because there is this matter of taking a drink and lose weight instantly - to lose weight, it takes hard work.

What the juice does is help weight loss, that to be achieved needs to be complemented by frequent physical exercise as a way to maximize the elimination of calories by the body, accompanied by a healthy, controlled, balanced and nutritious diet.

Care Ginger

As we have seen, ginger is a thermogenic. thermogenic foods should be avoided by people diagnosed with hyperthyroidism due to the risk of them causing loss of muscle mass.

Children, pregnant women and patients with diseases such as heart diseases, allergies, ulcers and migraine should also not exaggerate the consumption of thermogenic not suffer with increased blood pressure, reduction in blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia), insomnia, nervousness and tachycardia.

People with bleeding disorders should avoid ginger as it promotes bleeding. By worsen frames of heart disease, it should be excluded from the diet of people who suffer from the problem.

Ginger consumption can also cause stomach discomfort, heartburn and diarrhea. By causing hypoglycemia, the presence of diabetic diet food may require adjustment of insulin doses in which they are applied.

What is? Other benefits of watermelon juice with ginger 

Knowing that the watermelon juice with ginger thins really, it's time to get to know the other benefits it can provide:

  • Prevention of asthma, thanks to vitamin C drink content;
  • A study published in the American Journal of Hypertension (American Journal of Hypertension, free translation) found that watermelon extract may help lower blood pressure;
  • The high water content present in watermelon helps prevent dehydration;
  • The hill found in watermelon helps to decrease inflammation in the body. The effect is enhanced by the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger;
  • Because consist of vitamin A, watermelon also contributes to the health of the skin and hair;
  • Ginger is known to reduce nausea and help combat colds and flu;
  • A small survey of 2015 found that ginger can contribute to the reduction of glucose levels in blood and the reduction of risk factors for heart disease in people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes;
  • Consumed at the beginning of the menstrual period, ginger can help reduce the pain related to menstruation;
  • The juice has antioxidant properties, ie, fights free radicals present in the body that cause diseases such as cancer and promote premature aging.

watermelon juice recipe with ginger 


  • ½ watermelon;
  • 2 tbsp chopped ginger.

Method of preparation:

  1. Peel the watermelon into small pieces and quote;
  2. Place the fruit with ginger in a blender. Beat well and think that was too thick, add a little water to dilute and beat again;
  3. Add ice (if desired) and serve.

Do you know someone who take frequently and defend the watermelon juice with ginger thins? You want to use this drink in their day to day? Comment below!