How to Keep the Weight After Weight Loss — 10 Tips

To weight

If weight loss is a challenge, figure out how to keep the weight lost is a more difficult task yet. But with maintaining healthy habits, nutritional education, dedication and some basic attitudes, can not afford the extra pounds eliminated during the diet again.

So, continue to feed on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and ingredients low in fat and avoid trans and saturated fats and foods with high sugar content.

Maintain a diet low in calories. Most people who can keep leaner continue to eat fewer calories than they used to eat when they were with the extra pounds.

2. Continue to practice physical exercises

It is not uncommon that someone started playing sports or exercise because of the need to lose weight and ended up falling in love with particular modality. After successfully lose the weight you want, choose one of the activities that most charmed you and continue to practice it. Because it's much more difficult to understand how to keep the weight off if you return to a sedentary life.

In addition, according to the American College of Sports Medicine (American College of Sports Medicine, free translation) perform at least 250 minutes of moderate exercise each week helps to continue with the ideal weight. This corresponds to only 50 minutes of activity daily.

Another foreign Institute, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in free translation) recommends 60 to 90 minutes of moderate exercise a day for most of the week.

3. Continue to weigh

The habit of not checking the weight on the scale can give a false sense that no extra pounds returned to the body. One can continue to deceive to get away from the mirror and use larger clothes.

However, be careful. It is essential to check the weight at least once every week and make sure everything goes as planned. So if there is an increase, however small, the individual will have time to stay alert and try to chase the game.

4. Embrace your new routine

Turn detrimental health habits into good actions is not an easy task, but once it is achieved can not - and should not - be left out.

Indeed, were the old habits that contributed to the overweight. Then you need to make the new routine in the "normal" of your life and let the past go unwanted history. There is no way to keep the weight coming back to feed poorly and without physical activities and still runs the risk of going through the accordion effect, which is when the person fattening again soon after getting slim.

5. Plan your meals

It's a great way to not fall into the temptation "to eat any nonsense only to stave off hunger." Make a weekly menu with all your meals and include foods low in fat and carbohydrates on the menu.

Think also in between meals, which can beat hunger, and always have a saved fruit for emergencies.

When lunch at someone's house, ask, is politely of course, on the menu and if it is something that should stay out of your eating routine part with little way if you can bring your own food or prepare a dish that fits in your planning there in the same place.

6. Make a shopping list

Before you finally lose those unwanted extra pounds was a temptation to pass through the aisles of the supermarket without buying a frying or candy, after having passed the challenge a person has become more experienced and knows the dangers that the supermarket shopping offer.

That is why planning the meal begins already in purchases. Make a list with only the necessary items and light to the property. Not worth going to the local hungry and have a company that also need to get away from the food temptations.

7. Have a companion (a) weight loss

A couple who decides to lose weight together and lose weight can certainly strengthens the marriage and has one on someone else to help. When one of them has struggling to keep the weight and feel of going out, the other can encourage him showing how difficult it was to get there, but also how the collected results were excellent.

8. Eat well

The weight loss is not synonymous to stop eating, but to learn to feed properly. If weight maintenance is not working in any way skip a meal or stay too long without eating. Although this may cause some kilos to be lost, will not do anything good for your health and can cause you to eat double and even triple in the next meal.

Remember that your body needs nutrients to remain standing; to realize that the extra kilos are reappearing, try to go back to the diet and continue with the practice of exercises that sooner or later they will disappear again.

9. Think positive

A survey conducted by Penn State University (Pennsylvania State University) found that people with more positive attitudes obtained greater success regarding the maintenance of the lost weight.

So, to be part of this statistic is more optimistic and believe in yourself. Look in the mirror and realize that you could lose all the weight he wanted, also knows how to maintain a healthy weight.

10. Do not completely deprive

After some time you have managed to lose weight and realize that managed to keep the diet and not return to sedentary life, give a prize to himself and occasionally eat a candy or candy that you both miss.

But be careful, you need to take care that it does not again become a habit, just that it is a fleeting thing, as a sign that you can maintain your ideal weight without depriving yourself of your favorite foods and not lose control when consuming -Las.

You managed to slim down a good amount of weight recently? Struggles to know how to maintain current weight? Comment below!