11 Diet Tips To Lose Weight Fast

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Weight loss depends a lot on a solid nutrition plan, and that's no surprise. We already know that what you eat and how you eat makes a difference in your weight loss. Use these 11 diet tips to lose weight fast and leverage your ability to burn calories.

2. Go slowly, go with integrals

When you eat carbohydrates, opt for whole grain slow digestion, such as brown rice, oatmeal and whole grain breads. They keep low and balanced insulin levels, and prevent insulin spikes, which stop burning fat and increase the storage thereof.

A study by researchers at Pennsylvania State University (University Park) showed that subjects following a low calorie diet tips with carbohydrates from only whole foods were more likely to lose weight fast than those following a low calorie diet, but with refined carbohydrates.

3. Good fats

Some fats, particularly omega-3 fats do not cause gain and can also help you lose weight fast. Eat fat to lose fat may seem odd, but if you keep your fat intake to 30% of their daily total calories, its potential for weight loss will be better than in a low-calorie diet.

Get this derivative with fatty fish such as salmon, sardines or trout as well as other sources of healthy fats and oils such as olive oil, peanut butter and nuts.

4. Eat Eggs

Eggs are sources of protein, and proven to promote an increase in mass and strength in the muscles. In addition, research shows that those who eat eggs for breakfast eat fewer calories during the day and lose significantly more body fat. We recommend eating eggs every day, you can make an omelette of a whole egg added three more clear.

5. Fruit Allowed

A study by the Scripps Clinic (San Diego) showed that subjects who ate half a grapefruit or took 240ml of grapefruit juice three times a day without altering the normal diet, lost an average of 1.8 kg in 12 weeks. Some even lose 4.5 kg without diet. The researchers suggest that this effect probably comes from the grapefruit reduce insulin levels capacity. Try adding half a grapefruit to some of your meals like breakfast, lunch or snack before your workout.

6. Beba Leite

Dairy products are rich in calcium, which can help you lose weight fast, particularly in the abdominal region. This is because calcium regulates the hormone calcitriol, which causes the body to produce fat and inhibits fat burning. When calcium levels are adequate, the production of calcitriol and the production of fats are eliminated while burning fat is increased.

Add light versions of cottage cheese, milk and yogurt (skim or plain nonfat Greek) to your diet is a great way to increase your intake of protein and calcium and help in weight loss.

7. An apple a day

The apple is a great carbohydrate slow digestion which contains several beneficial antioxidants. A group of compounds known as polyphenols, which are present in apple, have demonstrated increased muscle strength, and resistance to weight loss (especially in the abdomen).

The apple polyphenols apparently decrease directly to body fat while increasing the activity of genes that increase fat burning, increased endurance and muscle strength, which enables a longer workout and more willingly, helping even more to lose weight fast.

A normal sized apple provides an average of 200 mg of polyphenols and an average of 30 grams of carbohydrates.

8. Place seasoning

hot peppers contain an active ingredient called capsaicin, a chemical compound that has been shown to promote the burning of calories at rest, as well as reduce hunger and food intake. Its effects are particularly enhanced when used with caffeine.

Researchers have shown that it also increases the loss of calories during exercise, so try adding crushed red pepper, hot peppers or hot pepper sauce to your meals to burn calories and fat. If you do not endure the sting, try supplements containing capsaicin.

9. Nuts Eat

A study at the University of Loma Linda (California) demonstrated that subjects following a low calorie diet tips with high fat intake (40% of total calories), with most of these stemmed fat almonds lost more body fat and fat located in the abdomen at 24 weeks than subjects consuming the same amount of calories but with more carbohydrates and less fat. Then, include nuts in your diet like almonds, Brazil nuts, macadamias and walnuts can help you lose weight fast.

10. Multi-Be Organic

Even if they are more expensive, organic meat and dairy products are worth the extra money. UK scientists have discovered that organic milk has on average 70% more omega-3 than conventional milk and a study published in the Journal of Science of Dairy showed that cows fed grass produce milk containing 500% more of linoleic acid conjugated (CLA) than cows fed rations.

beef developed organically also contains high levels of CLA and omega-3 fats. Since Omega-3 and CLA can help us lose weight fast and gain muscle, we have good reason to spend the most money with cheese, milk and organic yogurt, as well as beef fed on pasture.

11. Add avocado

Avocados are loaded monoinsaturas fats that are normally not stored as body fat. It also contains mannoheptulose, a carbohydrate that prevents the release of insulin and increases the absorption of calcium.

As mentioned before, maintain low insulin levels during the day is great to lose weight fast, and adequate calcium intake also helps in weight loss. So try adding an avocado room to your salads and sandwiches.

What do you think of these tips to lose weight fast listed above? Did you know many of them? Already tested one? If so, how were the results? Comment below their experiences!