Apple Diet: How It Works, Menu and Tips

apple diet

Like Apple and want to lose weight? So why not indulge in the flavor of the fruit every day at the same have in following a diet to lose weight? This is the premise of the apple diet, an eating plan on which we will talk in today's article, knowing how it works, what their menus and some tips.

The fruit can benefit people who suffer from constipation, as it is rich in fiber, thus acting as a natural laxative as well.

How does the apple diet

Diet obviously aimed at the apple consumption every day, which may not be a good idea for people who do not get attached to the fruit. It can not be replaced by juice the same as it is stated that the effects are not the same.

Like all diets, the apple diet does not allow the consumption of fried foods and sweets, as these can go in the opposite direction of the achievement of set targets. The eating plan is restrictive and this can become a negative aspect, as diets with many restrictions can not be taken for a long period of time, and does not guarantee the permanence of the measures achieved.

Version three-day apple diet preaches that the apple should be consumed every day before meals. The idea is that the fibers and sugar found in fruit will bring a sense of satiety to the body, which will cause the person does not eat much and do not consume as many calories during the meal.

Each of the meals that makes up the eating plan should contain foods with low to moderate amount of carbohydrates like vegetables and certain types of meat such as chicken and tuna. The idea is that after three days doing the diet, the person take a break, however, feed is moderate, balanced and healthy way.

After that, it can decide whether to repeat the process or not. One suggestion is to make the apple diet once a week at intervals of three to four days between each session.

Another version of the apple diet, published in a book written by nutritionist Tammy Flynn also provides that the fruit is consumed before every meal and brings determines that power is based on healthy fats, protein and low-glycemic carbohydrates (not cause peaks and sudden drops in sugar levels in the blood).

Tammy Flynn program also establishes a daily intake of 1800 calories.

Another nutritionist, call Monica Grenfell, also has a diet own model of apple. In your meal plan, professional determines that are consumed three to five apples a day during the first week of diet.

On the first day, eat five apples over regular intervals. Each apple must be accompanied by a glass of skim milk or soy milk and in the range of each meal, one needs to take a pot of yogurt without flavor. During the day, it is also recommended to consume tea, coffee and plenty of water.

The second to the third day the order is to eat five apples as the day before, however, add a colorful salad with various vegetables and seasoned with olive oil for lunch and dinner. Already the fourth to seventh day, the indication is eating three apples a day and assemble the meals according to the menus - you will see below - in addition to consume a cup of milk a day.

The promise of Grenfell plan is to eliminate just over 2 kg every week.

Examples of menus

- Example 1 - Tammy Flynn


  • Apple;
  • Cheese omelet;
  • 1 cup of cooked oatmeal.

Morning snack

  • ½ cup cottage cheese without fat;
  • ½ cup of yogurt.


  • Apple;
  • 2 chicken breasts on the grill;
  • 2 cups steamed broccoli;
  • ¾ cup brown rice;

Afternoon snack

  • cappuccino shake.

Have a dinner

  • Salad of grilled salmon with apple.

- Example 2 - Monica Grenfell


  • 1 sliced ​​apple;
  • Cheese omelet (made with 30 g of cheese and two eggs).


  • 1 small bowl of porridge with milk.

Morning snack

  • 1 small pot of yogurt.


  • 1 apple;
  • 2 oat bread with cottage cheese.

Have a dinner

  • 1 apple;
  • 1 chicken breast;
  • Broccoli made steamed;
  • ½ cup of brown rice.


  • grilled or baked salmon;

- Example 3

Day 1

It allows only eat apples at breakfast, at lunch and at dinner. It is recommended to consume up to 1.5 kg of fruit.

Day 2

  • BreakfastACAS;
  • Lunch:1 apple, green salad at will (can be seasoned with lemon) and 2 slices of low-fat cheese;
  • Dinner: mACAS.

Day 3

  • Breakfast:1 apple, 1 slice whole wheat bread and one slice of turkey breast;
  • Lunch: 1 apple, green salad at will, 2 carrots and small amount of onion;
  • Dinner: mACAS.

Day 4:

  • Breakfast: 1 apple, 1 slice whole wheat bread and one slice of turkey breast.
  • Lunch: 1 apple, salad of boiled vegetables and 200 grams of tuna with lemon.
  • Have a dinner: 1 apple, one bowl of whole grain and 1 cup (200 ml) skim milk.

Day 5:

  • Breakfast: 1 apple, 1 hard-boiled egg and 1 slice of bread;
  • Lunch: 1 apple, 1 bowl of raw salad vegetables and 200 grams of grilled lean meat;
  • Have a dinner: apples.

Attention: menus that show above are just examples of how the apple diet can work. Before choosing one, it is essential that you consult a nutritionist so you can assemble an ideal eating plan for your case, given your goals, health and nutritional needs.

Positive aspects of the apple diet

  1. The diet can be adopted easily, because the apple has a low cost and can be found anywhere;
  2. The diet allows consumption of any amount of fruit without ensuring excessive weight gain;
  3. The menu contains simple meals being prepared;
  4. The apple is a source of pectin, a component that slows the absorption of fat and can help lower cholesterol. In addition, the fruit is a source of antioxidants.

negative aspects of apple diet

  • Caloric intake is very restrictive;
  • Cases of fainting, headaches and mood swings can become frequent;
  • People living with gastric irritability may suffer consequences welfare;
  • This diet can not be taken for more than five days, it can cause negative effects to your health;
  • The return to normal caloric intake can result in sudden weight gain.


The apple diet is restrictive and therefore can cause weakness, irritability, dizziness, headaches and mood swings. Excessive consumption of apple can also result in gastric hyperacidity in several people.

The practice of apple diet is not recommended for more than five days, which characterizes it as an emergency diet and should not be taken long-term, it can lead to consequences for their quality of life.

medical monitoring

The monitoring of a doctor is essential, because only he can recognize their real needs and assess whether you will get benefits with the apple diet or not. Expose your goals and show your interest in apple diet, because with this dialogue, the health professional, with all his knowledge, it will confirm all the pros and cons of this restrictive diet.

Physical exercises

Always seek to adopt healthy habits before you opt for restrictive diets, or adopt a new lifestyle and consider whether your weight loss will not be safer. The physical exercise not only offer benefits to body changes, but also to your health.

Above aesthetics, care with their health, as the chosen attitudes may offer consequences later.


  1. Drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day;
  2. Do not skip meals as this contributes to binge eating;
  3. If you feel discomfort or discomfort, stop immediately dietary restrictions and medical attention;
  4. Prioritize your quality of sleep, rest is important for you to ensure efficiency in daily activities;
  5. Do not adopt or indicate that diet without a medical assessment and monitoring, people have individual characteristics, ie, their needs will not be the same as those of others;
  6. Do not eat fatty foods, fried foods, sweets, alcoholic and soft drinks, because the diet will reduce efficiency.

Have you ever heard of the apple diet? He understands how it works and its dangers, and still wants to try it for weight loss? Comment below!