Shakira training and diet


Former technique The Voice USA, interpreter of famous musical hits like Estoy Aqui, La Tortura, Hips Do not Lie, Waka Waka, Dare, Sale El Sol Loca, Can not Remember to Forget You, Rabiosa, Addicted to You and Gypsy, the Colombian singer Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, or simply Shakira, is certainly one of the biggest female names from the music scene around the world.

Shakira training exercises are similar to moves made in dance and also serve to eliminate calories and fat. According to Anna Kaiser, the movements of training are fun and work the whole body of the singer.

Shakira performs the following exercises in your abdomen workout. Each is done in three series:

  • Abdominal cow - 30 repeats;
  • Tap situps - 15 repeats;
  • Sit and reach exercise - 15 repetitions;
  • Elevation knee (knee up) standing - 15 repetitions.

Anna Kaiser said in an interview that the training program began as follows: 30 minutes of exercise in the morning and 30 minutes at night. Professional explains that this is a methodology to boost metabolism in the second half of the day. After the initial six weeks, the training has to be done over two hours daily, one hour in the morning and an hour in the evening.

Kaiser also revealed that Shakira training may vary according to where the artist is and that the singer likes to vary your activities. In addition to the abdomen training we saw above, she likes to play sports such as tennis, squash and paddleboarding.

Your workout sessions may also include ballet exercises at the bar, kickboxing, hip-hop and pilates.


Shakira says that the practice of zumba during your pregnancy helped so she does not gain too much weight over the period. She even made a kind of pre-natal training, created by her trainer in partnership with Sara Haley, who was scheduled to expectant mothers who are already healthy and fit are able to remain active and energetic during pregnancy.

To help pregnant women, the coach of Colombia recommends the return to physical activity is slowly working to strengthen intelligently before increasing intensity. The indication is to start with deep breathing from the diaphragm to return to work with the abdomen.

Cardiorespiratory exercises should be kept in low impact, at least at first. The intensity can be increased gradually and other Kaiser tip is to do interval workouts, that mix aerobic and strength exercises in short periods of time. During the breaks, you can also do yoga poses to make it even more effective training.

Shakira diet


Shakira diet consists of five to six small meals, each of which has an average of 200 to 300 calories. The Colombian power focus is the balance, and the program provides for the consumption of food sources of fiber, protein and calcium, as well as intake of supplements containing iron and fish oil to add muscle growth.

An example of Shakira's diet menu includes a small portion of poached chicken (roughly the size of a pulse), seasoned green salad with lemon juice, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and celery.

Another dish that may appear on the singer's menu is 1 ½ cup of cooked quinoa with cooked chopped vegetables. In revenue, quinoa and vegetables are cooked together for the first absorb the nutrients found in vegetables.

Shakira diet also includes snacks and Colombian options for this type of meal are:

  • pasty vegetable soup with pumpkin seeds and olive oil or linseed oil;
  • Shake 125 protein calories with water, ice, stevia, berries type berries and peanut butter;
  • Chocolate Mix whey protein with 12 g of protein;
  • Oranges with almonds.


The training and Shakira diet are accompanied by a professional and have been prepared in accordance with the individuality of the singer. Your training and your diet should be prepared according to your needs.

So do not copy the training or feeding someone else's program, but seek help from professionals that will help you identify what is necessary for you in terms of food and exercise and what you can or can not do, in the view of its Cheers.

What did you think of workout routines and Shakira's diet? It admirer of the work and the sculptural body of the singer? Comment below!