Diet Ana Hickmann — Menu and Tips

Diet Ana Hickmann - Menu and Tips

With its 1.85 m high and 1.20 m virtually only legs, hardly the model and Brazilian presenter Ana Hickmann, from the city of Santa Cruz do Sul, state of Rio Grande do Sul, goes unnoticed somewhere.

Diet Ana Hickmann - before pregnancy


When he was 13 years old, Ana weighed 78 kg and dressed mannequin 48. That's when she began to practice sports that found the solution to your problem with the balance and eliminated 10 kg in one year. Realizing the positive result and like she went ahead and continued losing weight.

Already as a model, she left the world of sports a little aside and went on to attend an academy at the same time that followed a restricted diet, which meant she got to weigh 58 kg. She confessed that she suffered a lot at the time to keep the model of lean body and he could never go without eating and, because of that, diminished the size of the portions of your meals and even deferred to crazy diets.

Years later, now working as a presenter, his life became a little more normal, but that does not mean that it has relaxed in relation to their care in the proper manner. During this period, the menu of your diet consisted of small healthy snacks throughout the day with yogurt and fruit, and a dinner with rice, chicken, beans and salad.

Before becoming pregnant, the diet Ana Hickman also consisted of a reduced intake of carbohydrates, which were consumed in only one meal: lunch or dinner. And when one of these two kept the menu with more carbohydrates, the dish of the other was composed only of a grilled and a salad.

To avoid falling into temptation and eat a besteirinha in times of anxiety, it also excluded the goodies of your pantry, giving way to healthier foods. And if you still beat a very strong desire for something more sweet as chocolate, she tried to kill the will savoring yogurt with honey.

To prevent swelling, it also controlled its consumption salt by substituting ingredient sage, rosemary and oregano. Also, Ana also made a point of having a strengthening breakfast, which offered her willingness to face the commitments of everyday life and to leave her less hungry at lunchtime.

Diet Ana Hickmann - after pregnancy


When he decided to become pregnant young son Alexander, Ana Hickmann certainly knew that the choice would bring some changes in your life, including weight gain. And really what happened: the host of Rede Record gained 30 kg - 16 kg due to a hormone treatment that had to make before pregnancy and 14 kg during pregnancy itself, which meant she got to weigh 103 kg.

And to return to the body before the state's invested in a specific eating plan to help her lose weight without harming the health of your little one. Thus, the diet Ana Hickmann now excludes citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, beans, broccoli, sources of caffeine, corn and peas, in order that they can cause colic in babies. The Gaucho yet started to reduce their intake of salt and sugar and stopped eating gluten and lactose, which can bring inflammation to both the mother and the baby.

Thus, the menu of Ana Hickmann diet began to bring dishes with vegetables and proteins such as brown rice, chicken breast, sweet potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, chayote, gelatin diet, pumpkin cream, carrot cream, chicken soup without rice white and muscle nourishing soup.

In the first week after giving birth she eliminated 9 kg, and in less than two months, the host had lost 16 kg, but still was charged on account of his physical form. Decided the she continued following her nutritionist had recommended and chose not to undergo any crazy diet like the model of time, considering that was still breastfeeding her son as he returned to work on May 12, 2014, just over two months after the birth of her baby.

Over time, she went to releasing out of the diet on weekends and allowing eat foods such as a roll these periods, and six months after Ana birth had managed to slim down everything that had put on weight during their pregnancy and appeared media with 31 kg less.

In the video below you can check out a report in which the presenter gives details about his change of postpartum power:

Ana Hickmann training


In addition to having made a change in power, Ana has also invested in physical training to take care of your physical form. Even during the time of pregnancy, the model, which had a habit of practicing martial arts, left side of sport and began to devote himself to specific series for pregnant women that included breathing exercises, to the region of the back with band aid elastic, feet to release the circulation, light activities on the ball with circular movements made with the pelvis, lower back stretching and walking.

In addition, while in the early months of pregnancy, she worked with lighter weights in the gym and worked out at the pool, as she herself said in the recording that you can watch below:

Three months after giving birth to the boy Alexander presenter was already dedicated to training again, in order to return to fitness before. With the guidance of personal trainer Natália Eidt, she went to exercise three times a week in sessions lasting about an hour in the gym or the residence of the state, composed of functional training and hiking.

And in the off times, the model still found space to train on the treadmill and do abdominal series.

To complement the results of the training and diet combination Ana Hickmann, it also underwent an aesthetic treatment with infrared, radio frequency and massage, in order to reduce the fluid retention that obtained as a result of their pregnancy.

You incorporate into your daily routine something from training and diet Ana Hickmann? If you have had children, as the recovery of postpartum weight? Comment below!