17 Benefits of Pollen — For Serving and properties


When we hear in pollen, we are immediately sent the flowers, however, the benefits of pollen go far beyond that. Today we know that extend to alternative treatments for some diseases.

Upon landing in the core of a flower, the insect will be impregnated with pollen, and fly to another flower, this pollen load in your body, and so does what we know for pollination.

Benefits of pollen 

Now that we understand the process of pollination, we need to understand what it does in fact pollen. Some studies have reported the benefits of pollen in the following cases:

  1. Appetite stimulant, may also help fight anorexia;
  2. It helps fight premature aging;
  3. Decreases PMS symptoms such as bloating, weight gain, irritability, etc;
  4. Relieves joint pain (rheumatism);
  5. Treatment of malnutrition due to the presence of iron, copper and magnesium;
  6. It helps combat mental fatigue, improving brain activity and memory;
  7. It mouth sores;
  8. Favors the metabolism of fats, thus helps the liver to fight bad cholesterol;
  9. Relieves pain while urinating;
  10. Supporting in the treatment of prostate diseases;
  11. Treatment of anemia. Patients treated with bee pollen have their hemoglobin levels increased considerably;
  12. Relieves bowel problems such as constipation, diarrhea and colitis;
  13. Detoxification high alcohol intake;
  14. Treatments for skin like eczema, acne and rashes;
  15. Treatment of allergic rhinitis (hay fever);
  16. Weight control. Read more, below;
  17. Improved resistance during training. Read more below.

All the benefits of pollen reported in this article do not suggest replacing conventional medical treatments by pollen. They are just supporting information, which should be discussed with your family doctor.

Pollen and muscle mass

Pollen is the only food that concentrates all the amino acids necessary for health. It is being used by athletes and bodybuilding practitioners to help during training, providing instant energy. Thus, you can obtain resistance to train longer.

Its amino acids will be important in the post-workout when the muscles need exhausted himself.

Lananaki coach, the Finnish track team for the 1972 Olympics, said:

"Most of our athletes take dietary supplements pollen. Our studies show that it significantly improves their performance. There were no negative results since we started to provide pollen to our athletes. "

Pollen and weight control

The benefits of pollen are important for those who want to lose weight or control it, correcting possible chemical imbalances in the body's metabolism, which could be one reason for the weight gain.

Pollen stimulates metabolic processes, accelerating the calorie burn.

Its natural phenylalanine content acts as an appetite suppressant, acting on hunger and satiety control center.

One of the artificial synthesized drugs for weight loss is a derivative of phenylalanine, whose name is phenylpropanolamine, but this drug causes nervousness and is addictive and can leave the lethargic person. The same does not apply to the natural phenylalanine, pollen present in the honey bees.

drug and chemical properties of pollen

We will find in pollen 18 kinds of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, hormones, carbohydrates, enzymes and substances with antibiotic properties.

  • amino acids: Amino acids help to build proteins. We find pollen glutamic acid, aspartic acid, alanine, arginine, glycine, histidine, cystine, leucine, isoleucine, methionine, lysine, felilalanina, serine, proline, tyrosine, valine, threonine and tryptophan. In the case of pollen, these proteins are superior to meat, milk and dairy products and eggs.
  • Vitamins: Pro-vitamin A, all B vitamins (except B12) and also vitamins C, D, E, P and H;
  • minerals: Among its highlight the minerals potassium, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, iron and sulfur;
  • carbohydrates: Fructose, starch and lactose.

Pollen is safe for everyone?

Although it is a natural product, the benefits of pollen do not extend to all people. It should be avoided in the following cases:

  • Individuals who have an allergy to it. In this case, if ingested, the allergic reaction can be severe, including shortness of breath, hives and swelling of the glottis;
  • pregnant women because there is a concern that the pollen can stimulate the uterus, and thus threaten the course of this regular pregnancy, and in extreme cases, cause miscarriage;
  • During breastfeeding, because there are not enough studies on the influence of pollen on babies;
  • Women prone to bleeding should not use the pollen, because it may result in increased bleeding.

How to consume?

We find pollen sold in powder or capsules.

The powder can be added to any liquid of your diet (juice, milk, yogurt) and sprinkled over a fruit or other food.

Those who prefer practicality, consume the product in capsule formula, respecting the manufacturer's instructions or your doctor.


  • Both the flavor, as the color of pollen depends on its floral source, so do not be surprised if you find lighter and darker pollens. This in no way interferes with their property;
  • The action of pollen in the body is slow and progressive, that is, do not notice their benefits in the first dose. The first results will take at least three weeks;
  • One should not make continuous use of pollen. Ideally interim consumption with equal rest periods.


  • The pollen bees can not be synthesized in the laboratory;
  • To produce a spoonful of pollen tea, a bee worked eight hours a day for a month.

Final considerations

According to researchers from around the world, the pollen from the bees is a complete food, including various nutrients that are not present in animal products.

Its proteins are richer than any type of animal protein. It has more amino acids than meat, milk and dairy products and eggs, therefore, in cases where there are no contraindications, pollen bees should become part of the daily food supplements.

Did you know that pollen can be eaten as a food, as a supplement in capsules? What form of consumption would you choose? Comment below