13 Best Exercises for Arms — Home & Academy


You are looking for exercises to work your arms, at home, or at the gym? Then take a look at the list with some of the best exercises for arms we have selected for you. Maybe you do not find new moves to incorporate and diversify your workout!

The exercise is done with the aid of two dumbbells, and is one of the best to increase the size of the arms.

It works like this: with a dumbbell in each hand, the practitioner stands with arms outstretched to the sides, as shown in the image above. Your palms should be facing the thighs.

Then, without moving your forearms, you should bend your elbows and bring the dumbbells up, closer to the shoulder as possible. Pause and slowly return to the original position and straightening his arms.

The way to hold the weights in the hammer thread transferring work to a muscle which can make the arms gain a thicker appearance .. To increase the effort of the forearm over the year, the working tip is vertical and the pulse thumb cram up during lifting of the dumbbell.

2. Flexion diamond


To do the exercise, you need to stand in the pushup position on top of a mat, hands placed together so that the thumbs and forefingers abut. With the body straight with supported abdomen, lower your torso until your chest is just above the ground and return to the original position.

Diamond flexion, which is an advanced way of doing the classic push-up also helps in increasing the arms and still works the abdomen and the chest.

3. Triceps tests

The third item on our list of exercises for arms is one that can contribute to the strengthening and definition of the region and is focused on the triceps.

To run it you need to lie down on a bench and hold a bar W. With the back stabilized, raise the bar, making the range of motion of the elbow. The weight should be handled in line with the shoulders and the footprint should be with the next hand and palms facing up. The elbows should be pointing forward.

Then, lower the bar, making the movement of bending the elbows, until it approaches the forehead. After that, raise the weight with the strength of the triceps, making the range of motion of the elbow.

Warning: the shoulders and arms should stand still throughout the movement. Only your forearms should move.

4. Thread close-grip bar


Here is a beginner level exercise that works the strength of the biceps muscles and forearms. It is performed with the aid of a bar.

To start you need to position yourself upright and hold a barbell with both hands, palms up, with a closed footprint, smaller than the width of the shoulders. The trunk should be straight and head up. 

Before starting the movement, it is important to keep in mind that your forearms and elbows should remain motionless throughout the exercise.

So raise the bar in a semicircular motion until forearms rest against the biceps. Not fail to exhale during this stage and contract and biceps for a second at the high end of the year. Slowly return to the original position while exhaling air.

During screw close-grip barbell is necessary to avoid tilting the back or shake up.

5. Triceps on the bench


This exercise force that has difficulty level of beginner works the triceps, as its name indicates. However, it also triggers other muscles such as the deltoids, gluteus, hamstrings, abs and hips.

During the execution of the triceps in the bank, it is recommended to keep the body straight and prevent excessive relaxation of the hips. It is also important to keep the prisoners elbows during exercise and keep them open to the sides.

How to make: sit on the edge of a bench with hands below the shoulders, with firm hands on the edge of the seat and knees bent at 90 degrees, as in the image above. It is necessary to hold firmly keep the trunk and firmly embedded, the buttocks contract and give a small steps forward, leaving the fully extended and arms supporting the body weight. 

The next step is to bend your elbows and lower your body in front of the bank, at an angle of 90 °, as the image above. Stay in this position for a moment, letting your elbows close to the body, and return to the original position with the force of the triceps.

6. fixed bar (chinup)


It is an exercise that promotes enough strength to the upper body. In addition to working the biceps, one of the important exercises to list the arms, used to pull his weight, it also messes with other muscles to the shoulders and back.

To do the exercise, you should hold the bar with your hands, a distance equivalent to the width of the shoulders and hang at the bar, as shown in the figure above, with legs crossed. Then, squeeze the shoulder blades from the shoulders down and back, bend your elbows and pull the top of the chest toward the bar.

After taking a break, slowly return the body to its original position.

7. Thread the EZ bar


This is one of the exercises for arms on our list because it works the biceps. Runs with the EZ bar, has beginner level and works to strengthen the muscle region.

The exercise begins in a standing position, holding the bar on the outside and cable wide with palms directed outward, pointing forward and slightly angled inward due to the bar format. The elbows should be close to the body.

With the forearms still, exhaling. Then, bend your elbows and bring the bar up. The weights should be lifted until the biceps are fully contracted and the bar reaches shoulder height.

Finally, inhale the air and slowly return to the original position.


8. triceps extension with neutral footprint


This beginner level exercise focuses on strength and involves the triceps during your drive. Along the triceps extension of implementation it is important not to put your feet on the bench - they should stay on the ground - keep the elbows come to the side and lower the weight slowly, without mechanical drive.

To do the exercise, the practitioner must be put back on a flat bench, holding a dumbbell in each hand, with the palm facing each other and arms extended vertically on the chest. Then bend your elbows and lower the dumbbells until the weights are slightly above the shoulders.

Do not move the top of the arms. Pause for a moment, contract your biceps and return to the original position.

9. Curl closed footprint


To do this bending, it must be face down on the floor in a plank position, as shown above. The body should be elevated with the toes on the floor, arms outstretched and palms on the ground, at a distance equivalent to the width of the shoulders. The next step is to lower the body until the chest is a little above the ground, as pictured above.

To increase the difficulty of this exercise, you can put your feet up on a bench or box.

The main muscle worked in this bending is the triceps, so it's on our list of exercises for arms, but it also triggers the chest and shoulders.

10. Biceps concentrated on the bench Scott


This is a beginner level exercise that works the biceps strength in isolation. To achieve it you need to be in the gym and have access to the bank and a Scott EZ bar.

The first step is to sit on the bench as the picture above shows. Then, it is necessary to grip the bar and the narrow inner part of its cable. To get straight, we recommend that someone take the bar to you or you to take the place of rest for bars that Scott banks usually bring.

To hold the bar, the palms of your hands should be pointing forward and slightly angled inward due to the bar format.

Forearms and chest should be positioned against the padded part, holding the barbell at shoulder level. Then, as you inhale, lower the bar until your forearm is extended and fully extended biceps.

Have to exhale, use the biceps to raise the bar until it is fully contracted and bar is at the shoulders. and compress the biceps, hold the position for a moment and return to the original position.

11. Pilates boxing


The twelfth item on our list of exercises for arms brings boxing movements and can be used by practitioners of pilates and yoga to burn fat, and tone and strengthen your arms.

Stand with your feet apart from each other at a distance equivalent to the width of the hips, knees slightly bent and a neutral spine (in its natural curve) as the image above shows, raising their fists up, shoulder length .

Elbows up and his fist like a punch, take a right forward, as in a boxing movement. After, return to starting position and do the same with his left hand.

12. Simultaneous Thread


It is an exercise that can be used in a strength training and definition of arms. It works like this: standing, arms at your sides, a dumbbell in each hand and palms facing out, flex and extend the elbow simultaneously. 

13. Diving


Another move that can benefit those who want to get big arms is diving. He also helps set the triceps, helps with muscle mass in the upper body and works with the lifting of the weight of the entire body during its execution.

If it does not own bars to exercise at your disposal, place your hands on a bench, chair or on the floor and extend your legs forward and place the heels of your feet on top of a box or similar attachment to the image above.

The next step is to lower your body until your forearms are parallel to the floor, however, not lower than this, as the photo shows. To rise, extending the elbows.


Before you start following his series of exercises for arms, in your home or at the gym, check with your doctor if you are fit to practice training. It is also important to have the help and support of a physical education professional who can guide you as to the correct techniques and help if a problem occurs.

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If you choose to work out alone, with the help of videos from the Internet, be sure to pay close attention to the explanations of the videos and watch several times to be sure how the movements should be done.

In addition, feeling an injury or bruise, do not delay to seek medical care.

Which of these exercises for arms you usually practice in their routine gym? Preferred has some? Comment below!