6 Things You Should Never Do Before Malhar

bad workout

Unsurprisingly for many people that the efficiency of a bodybuilding workout is the result not simply of series of exercises which are held in the gym, but that some of the pre factors and post-workout as food and rest also influence the results will be seen in body. Thus, it is not difficult to find many people talking around what should and / or must be done before or after a workout.

2 Do high-intensity aerobic exercise

HIIT before strike

There are no problems in doing light cardio before strength training, because they help in heating and caloric expenditure while maintaining the ability of the practitioner to gain strength and muscle mass.

However, there is a kind of aerobic training that does not cooperate with the weight: the so-called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT - acronym in English). This is because due to its high intensity, as its name indicates, it will decrease the power and interfere with the anabolic process - at which the building of muscle tissue - if it is done immediately before weight training.

Stressing is 3-

Stress before a workout

We know that in some situations of life as a fight with family or complications at work is too complicated not to stress, but it is important to try to escape the stress before lifting weight because it greatly reduces the efficiency of training.

What happens is that when the body is in a state of stress is released a higher rate of the hormone cortisol that promotes the breakdown of muscle tissue and stimulates fat storage. In addition, stress, and worry can cause some kind of injury, due to the lack of focus that the practitioner can have time to do the exercise.

4 exaggerate the use of stimulants

Stimulating to work out

Consume some caffeine or a pre-workout stimulant product, proven quality, of course, may even help your workout, leaving the person with more energy and focus. However, it is important to be careful not to overdo the amount ingested, since when it passes the limit some effects like increased heart rate, anxiety, nausea and a feeling of being ill can be experienced.

Needless to say that these effects contribute nothing to a good workout, right?

5- Overeating

Eat a lot

Make a good meal before going to the gym is important to provide energy to the body, in addition to the nutrients it needs for recovery processes and muscle growth.

However, one should eat only what is necessary before the workout and do not exaggerate. Overeating shortly before training can cause cramps or stomach cramps. And not only that: when the stomach needs to digest a large amount of food, more blood will be taken to the body than to the muscles, resulting in a decrease in the pumping and the effectiveness of the exercises.

6 to lengthen

Stretch before working out

This is controversial, but recent research claim to do stretching before lifting may not be as productive as imagined. The justification is that stretch a muscle that is still cold can cause injuries such as muscle strain, and can decrease the strength in exercises involving the muscles that were stretched.

Either way, before you start training, check with your personal trainer if it is better to do or not stretching. Some experts say it is okay to warm up your muscles with light weights before stretching and then begin to get heavy.

Which of these mistakes you've made? Is there anything else that harms your workouts? Comment below!