14 Things Women Do to Malham But not admit

14 Things Women Do to Malham But not admit

You know those things you do in the gym when no one is paying much attention? It turns out that you're not so alone like this, friend! You can see in the following list 14 things not so cool that women do when they are in the gym, without the others know it, but do not admit at all.

3. Repair the other women in the gym

Either because their body is perfect and you wonder what they do to stay in such good shape or because the training looks very good and ideal for your case, you probably already was noticing one or more women at the gym.

Next time this happens, ask one of them the secret and ask a few tips. If it is good people, you will have a new friend, who knows. If it is boring and does not give you moral or answer coarse way, you already know who should not mess around. And she is the one who will be losing in interacting with colleagues.

4. Look at the speed of the other on the fitness equipment

And how is a competitive woman who does not want to fall behind, you grow eyes in the speed of the other equipment and to them is greater, it increases your well. Just be careful not to overdo it and end up hurting yourself. Remember that you must be the best version of herself and not others.

5. Clean the hair with dry shampoo

Besides the fact gym bathroom be busy at peak times and you do not want to be the flat winding and disturbs everyone, the rush and commitments of everyday life do not allow you to spend time washing her hair in the shower. It is precisely why you take your dry shampoo in the bag and use it to thoroughly clean the locks before going to work, college or any other obligation that has to be met after the gym.

6. Stay anxious when someone picks up an outfit that you will still use

You are completing their run on the treadmill, but is already eyeing the dumbbells that will use the other part of your workout in a few minutes. The problem is that another frequenter of the academy go there and get the equipment, not knowing that you still need them, of course, and it makes you a little nervous. It goes that when you finish, does not have any available? And if you have to wait long to use the dumbbells? This will complicate your schedule.

Until they spend a few more minutes and a good soul leaves the accessory that you both want to free for you to use. Then you calm, anxiety will go away and even lets out a relieved smile.

7. Fix the mentally wrong techniques of others

You are already for some time in the gym, have made some technical mistakes in the past but now they learned from and corrected their series.

Even so, when you see someone doing something wrong in the gym, you can not control and corrects the footsteps of fellow mentally. Enough to entertain the possibility of saying that what he is doing is not right, but the fear of being misunderstood and go from boring prevent you. So you twist so the personal trainer pass by and help the person.

8. Staying crazy life when someone picks up "his" cabinet

Not that his name is recorded in the closet or you have purchased it, but the fact that someone pick up your favorite room for guards the gym bag and clothes really pisses you. After all, with so many cabinets there, why on water one I had to choose just one that you like to use, is not it?

9. Reuse the tops of the academy

Wow, yesterday was a day of recovery training, the exercises were lighter. It costs nothing to use the same top, right? Because not even had time to wash clothes in the last few days ...

Remember that this is not very hygienic and without even having the very sweaty clothes smell should not be the most enjoyable.

10. Leave the shortest training only because the phone battery died

Your coach should not get too happy with the idea, but work out without music is torture for you. Next time, bring a spare battery if you have of course, or put the unit to charge before going to the gym.

11. Use mirrors to check the faces hunks

Who said it is only man who notices the women at the gym? From time to time, you also can not help but take a peek into the handsome in the mirror. If he returns the look, you feel even more motivated, is not it?

Just do not lose focus and forget what you're doing here in the first place. Flirt they come and go, but the commitment to their shape have to stay.

12. Schedule the training according to their removal

It was not shave today and the leg is not very presentable? So you wear pants and long trains lighter. Better to let the harder workouts for the day when you are with pernocas clean and you can use a more comfortable shorts. 

13. Scare up when someone uses a stationary bike or treadmill right next to your

You decided to escape the rush hours and working out in a quieter period in the gym. He was lucky that part of the exercise bikes or treadmills is empty and you can have space for just only you.

Until a colleague appears there. But you think, "It has both free equipment here, we'll both have plenty of room to stay at home." But, who knows why, the person decides to use the bike that is on the side of her, even if there is another twenty free.

14. freak need to increase the weight when the machine

In short, you rocked! This means that you are strong. At least stronger than the person who just use the equipment. Congratulations!

And you really do all or most of these things at the gym? Now is the time to admit! Comment below.