5 Reasons to Have a partner of Malhação

5 Reasons to Have a partner of Malhação

Have a friend on the side of people is always something pleasant, is not it? It's really nice to have someone to talk to, to share the joys and difficulties and have fun. And with a company next door, even the most challenging tasks that seem can become easier and stimulating.

1. You do not lose a workout so easily

When we train alone and beats that lazy to get up early to go to the gym or lack will to give that jog after work, have to be very strong motivation to find and not to yield to the desire to escape from the workout.

However, when we know that someone will be waiting for us in the gym to work together with us, or that the person will not train if we are not together with her, commitment and consideration with the person in question can support to serve us not to abandon the exercise scheduled for the day.

"When you know that a friend is waiting for you or that will not do anything without you, it is hard to miss," said PhD and professor of psychology at the University of Santa Clara, in the United States, Thomas Plante. Plante has conducted several studies related to the importance of having a partner in the practice of physical exercises.

2. Your performance improves

A survey conducted by Michigan State University found that women who were workout partners, even in a virtual mode in fitness communities that connect practitioners could ride for a period twice longer than those who trained alone.

3. Do you talk and even see over time


Take a walk with a friend next door is also an opportunity to put the catch up. Is commenting on a film that attended or sharing the problems and giving advice, the fact is that having a person close while practicing the exercise leaves the hottest activity, makes the time pass very quickly and helps to further strengthen the friendship. 

4. You learn new things

One thing is you work out alone and always do the same things, which eventually leave you bored. Another thing is you divide your time in the gym with a known and observe the different techniques he uses or new classes he decided to try and learn new things. 

With a partner, you can be introduced to new types of activity and out of the sameness of the treadmill and exercise bike every day, for example. Also, if you have a little embarrassed to try a new class, have a familiar face alongside the first few days can help you to be safer and more confident.

5. You burn more calories


A UK study found that those who knit accompanied by another person burns 41 more calories per training session than those who practice alone exercise. 

The number may seem small, but if you do contained at the end of a month that amount makes a hell of a difference. For example, suppose a person Strike When three times a week alone. In four weeks, she could have eliminated 492 calories more than the amount lost if he had exercised in the company of a friend.

You usually go to the gym or out for a walk with a companion? You feel that this really is an extra motivation to go steady? Comment below!