5 Ideas Curl Training Home

Bending at home

The bending is an exercise that, in its standard version, works muscles like the pectorals (chest), the deltoid (shoulder), triceps (the back of the arms), the abdominal and serratus anterior (which is directly below the armpit).

5 bending workout ideas to do at home 

For those who do not have time, money or desire to exercise in a gym, bring down some bending workout ideas that can be performed in your own home. Be sure to check:

training 1

This first idea of ​​bending workout to do at home is for people who have difficulties to do well at least 10 push-ups.

Here, we use the classical bending, in which the person is face down, placing hands on the floor, pointed forward. The feet look good together back and the whole body is lifted out of the ground or mat exercises, with an upright posture and abdomen slightly contracted, while the hip drop or leave it on too.

Once in this position, it runs the movement of flexion and extension of the elbow, looking down, as shown in the following video:

For those who need and / or want to leave the slightest exercise, there is the possibility of bending with your knees flat on the floor.

The training idea is to do the half of the maximum total quantity of perfect pushups that the practitioner realizes in five series with intervals of 60 seconds to rest. For example, if he can perform six will then make three in each series of training.

The training should take place every four days and each session one should discount five seconds of rest intervals. Thus, in 12 training, she will be able to do 15 push-ups and run at once.

For those who can not run or at least two good pushups, the trick is to do the exercise with his hands resting on an elevated surface such as a bench or step. This reduces the amount of body weight that needs to be raised and the greater the height of the surface, the easier it is to perform the bending.

training 2

The second bending training model serves to improve the strength of the upper body. Here, you use the same kind of bending of the previous training.

It works like this: a person times how long it takes to make the most of repetitions of the exercise you get. Then she rests during the same time it took to do the push-ups and repeat the process two to four times.

For example, if the practitioner did 25 push-ups in 30 seconds, he rests during those 30 seconds, and then mark again how long it took to do the repetitions he could. Suppose he did 20 push-ups in 25 seconds. Then he rests for 20 seconds and repeat the same process again.

training 3

The third bending training model is to choose a certain number of repetitions of the exercise to perform during training and divide them into as many sets as necessary to achieve the selected number. Each series must be interspersed with a period of 30 seconds of rest.

For example, you can choose to do 50 push-ups for training and perform 10 repetitions over five series.

training 4 

Another idea proposes to make training more dynamic session. It works like this: a person chooses three to five bending variations (classical bending, diamond bending, bending with a wide grip, bending with the closed footprint ...) and complete some series of each.

For example, can you repeat four variations in three sets each, resulting in a total of 12 series that will work the muscles affected by exercise in slightly different ways.

training 5

The fifth bending training consists of six different types of exercises, and it is a mixture of abdominal flexion and movement. The sequence is as follows:

  1. Bending with the wide grip;
  2. V-ups;
  3. Bending with the average footprint;
  4. Reverse abdominal crunch;
  5. Bending with the close-grip;
  6. Bicycles.


Before you start making your bending workout at home, make a medical evaluation to make sure that is really able to practice the activity and at what level and pace should work out. It is also important that your home contains training with the accompaniment of a personal trainer.

That's because the professional is who can properly teach the techniques and movements of each year and provide immediate assistance if you suffer an injury or is injured. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle either, whether to strengthen the body, push-ups probably are not the only exercises that will make the goal is reached.

So another reason to have the guidance of a personal trainer is that he will help you to put together a complete training covering all the moves you need to achieve your goals, and to determine the amount of sets and reps suitable for your case in view of their objectives and security.

However, if you still solve work out on their own only watching YouTube tutorials, be sure to choose good videos, preferably presented and taught by good professionals.

Also, pause and repeat the tutorial as often as necessary to understand how each drive straight to execute. And if it were to get hurt or suffer an injury, immediately seek help from a doctor to verify what it is the problem and what is its severity.

What do you think of these bending training ideas to make at home? You have the habit of exercising at home, without going to the gym? Comment below.