This Dancer Pole Dance 70 Years is the New Inspiration

This Dancer Pole Dance 70 Years is the New Inspiration

Practicing pole dancing is an exercise that requires many skills and an incredible physical preparation. And at 70 this grandma proved to be very good at it!


Dai Dali began to learn this dance for about four years in a gym of his city. After years of training, she is now able to perform the most difficult moves, such as hang upside down with one leg.

"I like to pole dance because I enjoy the sensation of spinning in the air"


When she appeared on the television show "Asia's Got Talent," she said, "My sleep is to show the world that an old lady China is pole dance".

After participating in this program, she participated in several others and is always well received by the public, including won the Fifth Championship Pole Dance China.

Dai, Pole Dance dancer 70 years in the Fifth Championship Pole Dance China


Today it has become the Internet sensation.

While some surfers to applaud and see it as a source of inspiration, others find it indecent to dance pole dance at this age, as many still have prejudice against this type of dance. This is something that causes anger in China, which believes that pole dancing is just another form of exercise.


"It's just a kind of dance, it is nothing ordinary. And all my family support me, "said Dai. "I want to prove that age means nothing, since you persist" said Dai.

On which side you stand on this debate? A lady of 70 years should not be doing pole dance, or is this just another form of exercise? Comment below!