Fitness French blogger Dies After Siphon Chantilly Explode

Fitness French blogger Dies After Siphon Chantilly Explode

A French blogger of 33 years, well known in the fitness industry, died explosion victim of a whipped cream siphon that it was using in your home, according to a police source Mulhouse commune in eastern France.

French media reported that Rebecca died of cardiac arrest after the incident, despite medical care.

The popular blogger fitness world and travel was well known in France, with about 55,000 Facebook fans and 154,000 followers on Instagram. Rebecca, who published videos and exercise images on networks, were using the whipped cream siphon on Saturday at his home on the outskirts of Mulhouse, when the top of the device exploded and seriously injured in the chest.

The lesions ranged from broken teeth to multiple fractures and, in one case, the loss of an eye, according to the magazine report.

In 2013, a victim of similar accident told RTL radio: "I had six broken ribs and fractured my sternum." In 2014, two accidents occurred in the Hauts de Seine department, west of Paris, but also the victims did not die.

The number of accidents prompted the government to warn consumers, saying that accidents can occur at any time - even after years of use siphon. At least one manufacturer has issued a recall of the product - but a year later this recall, only 25,000 were returned from 160,000 sold, said Le Parisien. The magazine 60 Million says the new traps made from 2015 appear to be safe.

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