Fattening contraceptive Qlaira or Lose weight?


The contraceptive Qlaira is produced by Bayer and is the only contraceptive substance produced with valerate, estradiol similar to estrogen produced in the body by women itself. This contraceptive has emerged as an alternative not only for contraception, but to a number of factors and benefits for women, one of them improved skin health.

About contraceptive Qlaira

The Qlaira is a pill to prevent pregnancy used for oral use. A pack comes with 28 coated pills that must be swallowed one a day, without interruption, without the need to break from seven days to menstruation. This is the first contraceptive pill with estradiol valerate and dienogest also comes with. The drug has been named as the most suitable for reducing the blood flow and to reduce the inconvenience and painful symptoms of PMS.

The contraceptive Qlaira is multiphase, which means that was designed to simulate the hormonal levels of the natural menstrual cycle of the woman, so the tendency is that side effects are reduced. Another advantage of using this contraceptive is decreased occurrence of ovarian cysts and endometriosis risk reduction for fibrocystic breast disease and some cancers such as uterus.

Contraceptive Qlaira fattening?

For be produced with estradiol valerate component, similar to estrogen and mimic the woman's body, impacts and side effects are much lower than those of other contraceptives.

He is said to be natural and therefore carries few adverse reactions. Some users report that the contraceptive Qlaira lose weight and helped them lose 2kg to 4kg in six months, unlike other contraceptives, which often cause swelling and fluid retention, leading consequently to an increase in scale. Others already say that there was no change in weight, or up or down, thus, the drug did not affect the weight, which is also good news.

Therefore, there are reports of women complaining that the contraceptive Qlaira fattening only other side effects such as increased skin oils, colic and other problems. However, it is important to remember that the adverse reactions may vary from woman to woman, so it is always important to read the label and know the risks inherent in their intake as well as to consult with your gynecologist for better guidance on an exchange of contraceptive.

Reporting users

Some of Qlaira users can bring really relevant notes on the drug, but it is important to remember that the reactions provoked in a woman is no guarantee that will happen to all, as this varies depending on the body type and metabolism of each person.

One of the users reports that one of the main problems was the use of acne appearance and a more oily skin and that menstruation continued unregulated even after eight months of use. However, she mentions that he had no problem as to the weight gain or loss.

Another woman who used the contraceptive for 5 months mentions that during the first two cartouches her body had not yet adapted to the composition, and remained sick, but after this period the discomfort passed and improved skin, and acne dramatically reduced . It also reports that the menstrual flow reduced either that or you need to use absorbent, however, colic greatly increased.

A third user indicates the Qlaira for those women who have intense menstral flow with risk of bleeding. In addition, she says that the cramps are gone, but the increased acne on the face, chest and back, which left his body marked, as well as libido, which decreased.

What users report more about this contraceptive is that it offers the advantage of reducing menstrual flow, the symptoms of menstruation, improves skin, but it has the disadvantage of being expensive, costing between R $ 35 to R $ 40. But , these benefits can be variable.

How to use?

The contraceptive Qlaira, as already mentioned, and has 28 tablets should be taken continuously without gaps. There each pack two dark yellow tablets which would estradiol (3 mg), 5 light red staining (2 mg estradiol and 2 mg of dienogest) 2 dark red tablets (1 mg estradiol) and white pills not They have no hormone.

The tablets should follow the signed order intake back to proper contraception and to reduce the effects of PMS. A woman who is now starting use of the contraceptive should start eating the first pill on the first day of your period and take for 28 days to finish the pack, the next day you start another chart and so on.

less flow

Clinical studies for the development of new contraceptive showed that users have reduced or stopped the bleeding in 18% to 22% of the cycles they passed while using Qlaira. Studies show that some women may simply not be more bleeding, while others may see the cycle come in fewer days than usual and with reduced flow.

Most women who happens to use this contraceptive aims, in addition to contraception, reduce the flow being indicated, therefore, to treat patients with exacerbated flow and risk of bleeding.

Side effects

The contraceptive, in general, can bring numerous unwanted effects, such as nausea, headache, breast pain and swelling, etc. These side effects tend to last only 2 to 3 months before the start of ingestion, that because the body is still in the adaptation phase components of the formula, with time, it is normal that the symptoms regress. In this period of adjustment, can also occur so-called "leaks" that are desregulares bleeding that may occur outside the menstrual period, but it is nothing unusual.

Weight gain may be rather a consequence, since certain drugs can influence the swelling and increased fluid retention, and others not. However, the gynecologist can not predict that contraceptive Qlaira fattening for you, or any other, and so the test with various types may be the best way to find one that will best fit your body.

Your gynecologist prescribed the use of contraceptive Qlaira for you? Which of the above reported benefits? Comment below!