Contraceptive Nordette Fattening or Lose weight?


The contraceptive Nordette is one of the most popular in Brazil. And this is due to the low price and effectiveness in preventing pregnancy as well as aid in reducing the symptoms of menstruation drawbacks as colic and other PMS problems.

Side effects

The Nordette is advised for women who want to prevent pregnancy and correct menstrual irregularities, such as regulate the menstrual cycle, decrease blood flow and reduce symptoms caused by PMS. Among the side effects specified in the instructions include: gastrointestinal disorders, nausea, vomiting, changes in menstrual flow (usually in early adaptation to the drug), dysmenorrhea, chloasma or melasma, increased breast tenderness, increased secretion, weight changes (more or less).

It can also occur appearance of rash, vaginal candidiasis, change corneal curvature. In rare cases it can cause sensitivity to the use of contact lenses, changes in libido, appetite, hemorrhagic rash and other conditions. most recurrent cases can be headaches, dizziness and nervousness. In case of persistence of these side effects, it is best to make an appointment with a specialist.

Reporting users

One of the users account using the medicine for six years and never had weight changes and says satisfied with the birth because their cramps and menstrual flow decreased significantly. It is a drug that, according to her, has guaranteed effectiveness in contraception when taken correctly.

Another user claimed that the contraceptive Nordette significantly fattening, and the increase in acne, but in return your cycle was regularized and reduced PMS symptoms. Another girl reported that gained 7 kg since started using Nordette, however, says it was an isolated case and does not extend to other women.

After all, the birth Nordetette fattening? You can lose weight?

There are some reports of users who rely have gained weight with the pill, but the statement is not a rule. This can occur in some women with a predisposition to gain weight for genetic conditions and hormonal problems. In the case of a new contraceptive cause a large increase in weight, it is consulting the gynecologist or other doctor to determine the origin of the problem.

Some women, however, can say that the contraceptive Nordette slims to realize the reduction or stability of weight for years of use of the pill. Therefore, each case is unique and an appointment should be scheduled for more information and to find the product that best suits your body without causing adverse reactions.

How to take?

The contraceptive pack 21 is compressed to be ingested every day until the end thereof. When finished, it should be made a break of seven days. During this period menstruation occurs and a new pack should be started on the eighth day. Those women who wish to avoid the bleeding may take consecutive cartouches without performing a one-week break.

An important tip for those who eat pill is always remember to take at the same time every day, for thus increases the efficacy of the drug in the prevention of pregnancy and regularization of menstruation.

Do you know anyone to take and claim that the contraceptive Nordette fattening? Afraid to use it and suffer these side effects? Comment below!