Anabolic Equipoise — How It Works and side-effects


Anabolic steroids are substances commonly used by practitioners of physical exercises and athletes who aim to hypertrophy of muscle tissue. Wishing one healed, body dry and set, many people medicate themselves anabolic the wrong way, without prescription, linking the drug to a poor diet, consuming the wrong doses or even buying the drug illegal businesses. All these factors will make the anabolic a sure enemy to the body, both internally and externally.

The Equipoise anabolic, also known as injection undecilinato boldenone or Equifort, was initially developed for use in animals, mainly horses, in order to combat muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis, anemia and anorexia. Not considered a great creator of muscle mass, but can lead to increased appetite, energy, weight, and help improve the muscles.

It is known to be a very anabolic drug, little androgenic (ie little stimulates male characteristics in those who consume it, enabling its use by women), moderately harmful to the liver and little flavor. The liquid retention is small and the chances to cause gynecomastia is also low.

The suggested amount of doses are 300-600 mg for men and 50-100 mg for women. It is a drug that is associated with other anabolic produces better results. Increases permanent gains and quality.

How it works

Anabolic steroids increase the water retention within the muscle cells. This swelling causes the muscles to grow faster, combining the consumption of anabolic to training in the gym or playing sports.

Responsible for increasing anabolism, when the body replenishes energy and reconstructs cells that were degenerate. The Equipoise, like other anabolic steroids, causes the muscles to grow, but at a slower pace. Still, the quality of the built muscle mass is better and more lasting. In addition, the anabolic Equipoise causes the person to eat more, however, does not cause weight gain, because you end up accumulating lean mass (muscle).

Side effects

Anabolic alter the normal functioning of the human body, as well as all other drugs. In the first case, the anabolic Equipoise generates increased skin oils, may cause acne, and become prone to hair loss. Moreover, if not consumed in the correct manner, can trigger: prostate cancer and liver, aggression, depression, headache, hypertension, etc.

Obeying the recommended doses, these side effects can be avoided in part, with medical advice. Its use is not allow for athletes.

You've done the use of anabolic Equipoise? If not, you have the courage? You know someone who has used? Review the results below!